November 12th, 2007

mojo's WHACK day

well this has been one WHACK DAY or perhaps I shood say one WHACK WEEKEND as teh 'rents are doin all sorts of weird stuff in teh house and CHANGE: DO NOT WANT. But there is changes anyway.

First dad brought teh computer from his music stoodio into teh living room. TOO MUCH CHANGE ALREADY! Then they took teh old old old computer what was in teh computer desk-thing with teh doors, mom calls it a ARM-WAR, and they took it apart and put it on teh floor. Because it was BORKED. 

THAT was yesterday. TOO MUCH CHANGE ALREADY. Things was in wrong plases. Ronnie and me had to sniff EVERYTHING in its new place.

Then today things went TOADALLY WHACK! They MOVED teh coffee table then they MOVED teh end table then they MOVED teh sofa then they MOVED teh ARM-WAR right across teh room!!! Then they MOVED teh sofa back to NEW PLASE then they MOVED teh coffee table back then they MOVED teh end table to WHOLE NEW PLASE other side of room. 

THEN dad put teh new computer from the music stoodio INTO the ARM WAR which is were I am typen on it now. All teh computers in teh house is BORKED dadsed, except for this one,so it is moved to teh ARM WAR for general family yoosage. And the ARM WAR is in new plase which DO NOT WANT and teh sofa is moved which DO NOT WANT and teh end table is moved which DO NOT WANT and there is still stoopy old old old computer stacked on teh floor until they can "dispoze of it" watever that meens. DO NOT WANT!

Only good thing is my fuzzy blue and green plad blankie is still on teh end of teh sofa so I can still SIT ON IT even in new plase. Which, new plase, did I menshun? DO NOT WANT.

Also nobody went to work today. Wat teh hell are these peeple up to, stayen home from work and moven furniture around (which, DO NOT WANT) insted of goen to their jobs? How are we going to feed teh kitties may I axe?

Sometimes i think i shood put myself up for adopshun, maybe to elderly Anglecan or Episscopal couple who do not change things ever ever ever. But I think I might miss playen "Scary Monster" with dad and sitten on teh lap of someone worken on teh computer and lyin on moms face and suchinsuch. 

So i think i will stay long enuf for this WHACk new room to feel like this is teh way it always was, and if anyone wants to change it: DO NOT WANT!

yrs habitually,

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