November 22nd, 2007

mojos momshome day

MOM IS HOME she came home last nite. As I menshoned to BUTTSER in a comment to my last post she brot me 104 NEW SMELLS wich i never smelled before including ONE ANONYMOUS CAT and a PEECE OF A SAMWICH which was rost beef and cheeze, only i did not eat the cheeze or the bred or the rost, only the BEEF.  

Best part mom din't have to work today even tho dad did and we slept in late and watched MACYS THANKSGEVEN DAY PARADE on television. I don't no why they has THANKSGIVEN DAY parade wen THANKSGEVEN was last month. Maybe they forgot to have it on THANKSGEVEN? Anyway they has the most GINORMOUS BALLONS in this parade you ever saw, som of whech is Good and some of whech is NOT GOOD. I will show you example of NOT GOOD BALLOON.

CAN YOU BLEEVE IT? Giant BLOON of STOOPID DOG runnen as fast as he can down teh street? 

Can u imagine a real dog that big? That is a NITEMARE i tell you what! 

Is this sposed to be amusing for children and kittehs? Bcause a nightmare is NOT AMUSING for anybody I can tell you. 

Som people at MACY'S got some BAD IDEAS. Also mom says they gave the Real Santa Claws a hard time and tried to get him loked up in a mental hospital so I am altogether unimprest with that.

On teh other hand, somebody else at MACY'S got real good ideas because this year they has new balloon of kitteh pin-up girl HELLO KITTY!  

She defenetely ads a air of je ne say qwa to teh parade and it was amazing to watch her float majestically down teh street curled up on mom's chest. I mean i was curled up on mom's chest not Hello Kitty. And not teh street. Just me.

All in all a very good day. I didn't even smkronnie once as she behaved herself becaus she is glad MOM is home. 

o ps i is getten used to teh new living room now. I can't even remember what it was like before. Ronnie sez people moven furniture is just a crotch we kittehs has to bear, she is a whole year older than me so she knows more about these things. My BLANKIE is still here so overall we can handle it. I will axe mom to take picture of me on my blankie for you sometime. it is the best blankie in teh world.

I wonder if Bustser's mom is home yet... i knows how he feels.


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