November 27th, 2007

mojos SANTA CLAWS day

 ZOMG what a week! Like I sed mom camed home last week and I red BUTTSER'S MOM CAME HOME TOO and did not get eated by a pretator. So that was good news all round. 

I gess mom don't work no more, she didnt work on thrusday or friday or caterday or sunday. Maybe she is becomen a cat?

So just wen we was getten settled into rootine youll never gess wat happened on CATERDAY we was haven normal day and momanddad was out shoppen and alla sudden at 2 o clok mom took our our HARNESSES for wearen OUTDOORS! But wen we put them on we didnt go OUTDOORS! We went relucktantly into our TRAVEL CARRIERS! Ronnie sed 'o crap we is goen to teh vet' and I sed 'o noes!' And sure enuf we went into teh back seat of teh car (WHICH I DROVE BEFORE) and we drove and drove. And I said 'hey where are we goen huh? where are we goen? where are we goen? where are we goen? huh? huh? huh? where are we goen?' and mom sed "o my god mojo what on earth are you meowing so much about?" She is hopeless in several langauges including cat. 

So after awile we came to plase that I REMEMBERED from last year! It was WARM and HOOMID and full of PLANTZ  and there were so many animals there, there was many kittehs and many goggies including BIG GOGGIES but they was real nice; and there was a BUNNY and there was a tiny tiny persian kitteh bebeh. And we was all there for PICTURES WITH SANTA!!!1!! SANTA CLAWS was there! He is the awesomest! And wen we was posen the volunteer helpen Santa sed, "I bleeve we had these two last year did we not?" and Santa sed, "I bleeve we did." So he REMEMBERED US!!1!

We was ALL in teh picture this year, me and Ronnie and SANTA and mom and dad! It is teh best Chrismas picture ever taken! I wanted to post it online but momsed, "O no that is goen to be our holiday card picture, you don't want to spoil teh surprise for ur friends who gets holiday cards do u?" So I sed "I suppose not tho if you don't mind a cropped version hiliten my magnificent self would be appreciated." So mom sed she wood try to get to that for me.

After pictures with SANTA CLAWS we got back into teh car and drove fro hours and hours or maybe 10 minutes to teh house and BOY was I tired after meeten all them animals! But Santa was teh awesomest for sure. This must mean that CHRISMAS is comen soon it always does! I wonder if there will be a TREE and PRESENTS this year? One never knows...

yrs anticipatorily

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