December 10th, 2007


ZOMG winter comed all of a sudden last week! Holy cow we got so much snow one nite I thought we would all have 2 hibernate thru the winter. Luckily mom had already left and droved to MONKEYTOWN so she was not on teh highway wen all teh snow came. But she had teh SNOW SHOVEL in Monkeytown and dad had NO SNOW SHOVEL! But that wasn't no problem 'cause dad also had NO CAR!

But then on Friday waitaminit, Mom was comen home from Monkeytown! and on  Wednesday Dad sed, "O my goodness Mojo, I has to find a guy to plow that driveway and they are all booked up because of the BIG STORM! Where is ur Mama goin to park teh car when she comes home Friday?" He called and called and called and called and called! And finally one guy sed, "O for heavens sake, sir, please stop weeping i will plow ur driveway with my big SNOW MACHINE on Friday!" And he came and he DID! It was so exciten, I didn't get photos but I did find this picture of a reesonable faximile of wat teh SNOW MACHINE looked like.

It was SO COOL!

And mom parked teh car just fine.

And we had GOOD WEEKEND and many cuddles and headbutts and snorgles, and now she is bak emailen and callen us from MONKEYTOWN.

Alls well that ends well,

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