December 17th, 2007

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Hai there everybody it's me, Mojo, here with sum more good news so everybudy can relax even teh BLACK FREITER and BUTTSER who as you can see from teh comments below is having some EXESTENSHUL and SITUATIONAL CRISES in their respecktive houses. Latest updates have PUFF sitten on a vegetarean sasage, wech only goes to show that cats is too smart to be fooled and we know wen somethen posen as a sasage is VEGETARIAN, we do not eat it we sit on it.

Where was I O YEAH good news NORAD teh NORTH AMERICAN ROCKET AND DANGER COMMAND [North American Aerospace Defense Command - editorial momcomment] is all prepared to track and escort Santa Claws wen he files over Catnada and teh world!!!11!! They has named teh 4 genuine Canadian fighten-men pilots who will greet and escort Santa this year. And on CHRISTMAS EVE you can follow NORAD wen it tracks SANTA on teh SANTA TRACKEN WEBSITE. We does it every Christmas Eve. And if you don't sprechen de Inglis, you can track Santa in Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, or Japanese! How cool is that!

I knew it was getten to be that time cause MomandDad and me and Ronnie put up CHRISTMAS TREE yesterday, it is not a real tree with potential OWELS or SQUIRRELS hiden inside wech was a disappointment at first but onse teh lights was all on and all our Christmas decorashuns u know wat? I didn't mind at all. It is beautiful.


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