December 27th, 2007

mojo's retirement day

ZOMG wat a busy time! SANTA CLAWS CAME! HE DID! I has been so busy playen with SAM and checken out all new stuff that I forgot to post. But I will post as soon as I have time to tell u about amazen stuff like you will not bleeve this COLONE FOR CATS!!?!! that dad'sfrend gave him! I will hav much more to say about that u can bet.

In teh meantime check out this story about NIN, the cat at teh Mount Washengton Observetory, who is retiring at teh age of 19 or so to live with teh Park Rangers. He had very exciten life patrollen park observatory, v. important duties for a kitty he carried out there. So its nice that he is getten just rewards and gets to lie around and sleep for teh rest of his days. Hay Black Freiter, my mom says ur typer ape works at teh Observatory, does he have observatory cat? Maybe u is observatory cat? Just wonderen.

yrs until I find time to tell u about the PRESENTS,