May 22nd, 2008

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I told you there was big news in teh world of MUSTARD, well here it is.

I knew that teh CUBAN people had teh barbeq like kind of sause wech they calls MOJO. Well one of Mom's cores coris corrisp writer friends sent her these pictures of teh believe it or not CUBAN MOJO MUSTARD!!!1!!!

SRSLY!!!1!!!!! U can see it right there on teh label!!!

Also he sent picture of bottle lid wech explains that teh CUBAN MOJO MUSTARD is "teh celebration of Cuban cuisine" and that it is "soul-satisfyin" whech is only appropriate since I myself am considered extremely soul-satisfyin.

Momsed he axed her if I was cashen in on my name and my fame. Well there has not been no residual licensy type cheques turnin up around here with my name on them, I tell you what. So if somebody is traden on teh Mojo image and my SPECIAL CUBAN CONNEXIONS to hock their CUBAN MUSTARD, I tell you what it is NOT ME. So naturally I wanted to investegate so I said "Hay mom who sent u these fotos? I would like to know more about this CUBAN MOJO MUSTARD." And she said "Well I tell you what here is a clue, here is picture of OOLIE, TEH BLACK FREIGHTER lyin right next to teh bottle of MOJO MUSTARD." And I said "ZOMYGOD I knows who it is, it is teh Black Fritter's typer ape! I did not know u guyz even knew each other! This is kind of weird, and what other informatoins are u sharen?"

Mom sed that the Freighter's typer ape sed, "Oolie appears to be impressed, but that's always hard to tell" It is my estimatoin that teh Black Freighter has but two modes, Impressive and Somewhat Imprest. And judgen from that magnificent display of clawz, I am guessen that for once he is Somewhat Imprest. So in that case I guess it is not teh bad thing that someone put the mighty name of MOJO on teh mustard to increase its market value. So I will have my secretary (Veronica) cansel that call to my lawyer. (I might as well set a hundret dollar bill on fire instead of botherin to call him - teh results in both cases would be teh same anyway.)

Yours marketably,

Compadre Mojo

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