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6:54 PM - HAI EVERYBODY it's yr faithful correspondent MOJO with an I AM MOJO special event, tonight we is LIVE BLOGGING breakin news and startlin developments right here at Casa Mojo!

Dad came home from work and found teh BUNNY RABBIT in teh driveway. Under our car!!!!! Right in teh middle of downtown big city Fredrictn! And it came out to see him!!! He was looken at it wonderin wat on earth to do about it wen Mom came home and Dad sed: "Look!" and Mom sed "ZOMG, that cannot be teh wild rabbit in teh middle of DOWNTOWN?!?!" So they 'proached teh rabbit and it was toadally tame and not scared. But it was not wearen teh collar or nothin. So Mom sed "You keep teh eye on it and I will call teh SPCA and axe if anybody has reported a missen rabbit ok?" and Dad sed OK.

So Mom called teh SPCA and got a message cause it is after ours and then she called Department of National Natural Resources and same deal. All teh messages sed was "IF YOU HAS FOUND A INJURED ANIMAL CALL TEH POLISE" nothing about wat to do if you find teh NON-INJURED very tame bunny. So Mom and Dad was discusen and Mom sed, "O noes, wat if we leaves him in teh back yard and tomorrow mornen teh LOST BUNNY signs turns up in teh naybourhood? But were can we keep him, we are not exackly set up for bunnies this bein more of a cathouse." But they desided to CATCH TEH BUNNY while they desided wat to do and they put him in MY CARRIER can u bleeve it???!???!!?! O teh humanity!!!

So momanddad made teh PLAN wich is not perfeck but will have to do Momsez, and teh BUNNY is now in teh downstairs bathroom where I usually eats!!!1!!! And there is teh newspaper on teh floor and he is drinken from MY WATER DISH!!!1!!!!1!!!!!!  I do not know how I feels about this but Mom sez "look bud this could be a pet in trouble we all has to pull together to see this through, in this howse we do not turn teh animal in trouble from our door"!

I did not see him come into teh house but I figgered out there was somethin goen on right away. Mom took this picture of me bein intrepid. It is kind of blurry or maybe I was vibratin with curiosity.

Stupid Veronica didn't notise that there was a BUNNY in the BATHROOM for more than ONE HOUR after it was in there. Here is photo of her bein kind of slow off teh mark and not so intrepid.

N E Way Mom says she will call SPCA tomorrow and axe for advise about wat to do with one small brown bunny in teh heart of downtown where he doesn't belong. I will update regularly in this post any exciten developments.

7:18 PM - ACTUAL PHOTO OF ACTUAL BUNNY AND MY ACTUAL WATER DISH. Bunny is eaten carrots which u can't see.

9:00 PM - I can hear him goen CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH on teh carrots that mom gave him.Mom ses he will go to sleep and not to bother him. SHe sed she is glad her Mgr. is not in teh offise tomorrow mornen as she would hate to have to splain why she is goen to be late. Especially cas teh last time was wen Veronica ATE TEH PEACE LILY.

10:31 PM - Veronica is sitten staren at teh door. I think teh BUNNY is gone to sleep nevertheles, Veronica says he, she or it may be up to no good and we should set up teh rotaten watches. I sed, "OK Sis, why don't u take first watch and I'll wake u up at 1 ay em or so?" That should keep her occupied while I gets teh good nite sleep. In other news, DOWNEYFLAKE has posted a very astoot comment about how wen u lives with parents who care about animals, this is just one of teh crotches u has to bear, it seems that animals just knows where to go when they are lost or in trouble and teh resident critters just has to put up with teh new roommates for teh time bean because teh hoomans are teh soft touch. They might as well just put teh sign on teh door "ALL LOST CRITTERS OR ANIMULES IN TROUBLE STOP BY HERE". It is like teh freaking Block Parents only worse, because it affects me personally.

Maybe I am bein too hard on them. And on Bunny. Just btwn u and me, I am pretty happy that he is in teh safe plase for tonite until MomandDad can sort all this out tomorrow. Momses, "I hope to heaven someone would do u teh same kindness if they found u wanderin teh naybourhood, Mister Mojo". I have to admit, she has teh point.

yours amazedly,

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