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Oh HAI, My Friends, i am sorry i has had bad habits in responden to ur comments in previous posts, I just do not get enuf time to blog these days now that neether MomnorDad has teh laptop computer. Mom is looken at new laptop computers but the exact one she pickt, by teh time she did teh reeserch, they don't make no more "that's wat you gets for dillydallyin and callin it reeserch" I sed.

NE Wai, My Friends, I am posten new post tonite because I has desided to announse my ENDOORSMENT for teh PRESIDENT of teh YOONITED STATES of MERICA. I realizes that my ENDOORSMENT carries great wait, as I am Commandante en Jefe of CUBA, v. important country just 145km off teh coast of FLORIDA. Fortunately MomandDad watches teh POLITICKS 24 ours a day almost, wen they is not watchen teh weather channel or CSI, so I has learned a lot about teh candidates.

My Friends,  I herd VOLF BLITZIR say on CNN that BAROC OBAMAMA is BLACK and WHITE. Now this is not self-evident to me, to me he appears to be nice brown colour all over; but I axed Mom and she said, "Well, yes, that is one way to put it, peeple say he is part black and part wite." And I said, OMG! I am totally part black and part white too!

So it was kind of teh no-braner for me, as teh other guy who he is runnen against? My Friends, he is really, really, really, REALLY white. (Not that there's anything rong with that, some of my best friends [Hi Miko!] are white.}

So My Friends, I announse today that I am endorsen BARACK OBAMAMA for teh PRESIDNET of teh YOONITED STATES. Of course my loyal rreaders in teh US are encouraged to vote as their conshunce dictates, just make sure u VOTE. And My Friends, if my humble opinion gets 1 more black and white leader into a position of authority, well, I will feel humbled and honoured.  But also hungry bcause I usualy feel hungry. And sleepy.

My friends, thank u and goodnight.

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