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i am mojo!

Mojo's Mojoceratops day

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Mojo's Mojoceratops day

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Well, my peeps, this was fairly inevitable, given my notoriety fame. Some scientist types has had teh wisdom to name a NEWLY DISCOVERED DINOSAR after me, Mojo, El Jefe.

"While all ceratopsids have frills on the tops of their skulls, 'Mojoceratops is the most ostentatious,' Longrich said,"

See? It is like looken into teh paleontological MIRROR.

I has never been to Sasquatchawan or Alberto, although MomandDad has and says they is real places with real dinosars, but I am glad my fame has spread there, and also to YALE YOONIVERSITY, which parently made this wise decision.

yrs paleontologically,

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