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i am mojo!

Mojo's BOTHY CAT day

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Mojo's BOTHY CAT day

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Hai, my peeps, I am happy to be comen to you today with V. IMPORTANT INFORMATION. MyMom pointed out to me that Teh Man, teh person who takes care of mai good friend Fonzie, had made some posts on his blog about recent trip to IREland. Most importantly he had made this post just for meeeee! about the Queen of IREland, teh beautiful and wise and black&white (and now a little red) Bothy Cat, who lives at place called Teh Bothy I do not know why it is called that.

We met teh Bothy Cat teh last time teh Fonzie people went to IREland and to tell u the truth she kind of stole a lot of hearts around here. Not mine of course as I is rangy ol' tomcat who does not lose my heart to no one I am speaking of a friend of mine who lost his heart to her. And my friend was v. happy to see picture of older, wiser, still v. beautiful Bothy Cat in Mr. Fonzie Person's blog.

yrs ecstatically,

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