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i am mojo!


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HAI MY PEEPS I have been maken many posts lately bcause there has been so much goen on! A couple of weeks ago me and stupid sister Veronica went to PET PHOTOS WITH SANTA CLAWS wech we does every single year. This year it was in new plase Shur-Gain FEEDS N NEEDS pet store, wech good for them they also donates all teh dry food for all the Fredericton ESS PEE CEE AY animules, did u know that? That makes them Sooperheroes.

As usual there was random assortment of other animules there, nothen too speshul this time just some other kittehs and some big, stinky, smelly, drooly GOGGIES wech do not impress me much (except for Miko the dog, he can't help it he was born a dog, but he has moved to TEH NORTH and was not at PET PHOTOS WITH SANTA).

Veronica seemed to be goen for "Mad Cat Who Could Go Off at Any Minute and Must Be Restrained By The Throat" wech she pulled off quite well. I desided to look v. intrepid and serious as befits benevolent overlord of small Caribbean nation. You can see the intrepid in my eyes. Acshually I was goen for "Benevolent Overlord of Small Caribbean Nation who has been Tragically Let Down by his Inner Circle Staff and Feels the Weight of Leadership v. Heavily on his Shoulders". I believe this photo will be used in many of the biographies wech will be written about me.

This of course means CHRISSMASS IS COMEN and already packages is appearen and Mom is spendin many hours rappin presents. Next CRISSMASS TREE appears, it is one of my favourite parts except for TURKEY. And presents. For me.

Yrs seasonally,

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