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Fredericton City Firefighters are SOOPERHEROES!

O hai my peeps over teh years I has had teh priviledge of posten in this blog about many brave SOOPERHEROES who has risked life and limb to save animules in distress. Well I am bust-my-buttons proud that my newest SOOPERHEROES hails from right here, Fredericton, my v. own home town!

Story begins Thursday wen somebody heard some poor KITTEN cryen, it had got itself stuck between two buildins downtown were buildins is very old and very next to each other with v. little spaces btween em. One of teh buildings was teh BLUE DOOR restrant wech is one of momanddad's favourites, they is good people and they tweeted on Twitter that FREDERICTON CITY FIREFIGHTERS was tryin to rescue kitten from v. tight space. Momses everyone on teh TWITTER was riveted by teh reports from @theblue_door and @cityfredfire wech is teh OFFISHAL TWITTER ACCOUNT of teh Fredericton Fire Department.

This is the unbeleevable tiny space teh brave firefighters went into to rescue teh kitty! (Posted by @cityfredfire)
Firemen kitten rescue

Unbleevabley teh SOOPERHERO firefighters rescued teh kitten! Teh people at teh Blue Door posted this picture of now-safe, rescued kitteh:

saved kitten

Isn't that just teh best story you ever heard? R men and women in uniform makes us proud I tell you what. Thank you Fredericton City Firefighters SOOPERHEROES!

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