iam_mojo (iam_mojo) wrote,

mojo got gas

O boy this was the day all the misterious activety came to a head! Now i can reveel my sekret wech mom told me before because i knew wat was going to happen today and today it hapened!

We all got gas!

Uh, mom says "maybe refrase that Mojo" so let me put it another way we are now receeven cleaner burnen natural gas from the natural gas pipeline rite into our howse! Today the mens came at 8:30 am and ronnie and me were locked up tite behind closed doors so nobody axidentaly let two indoor kitties out into the snow. many big mens trampin thru the backyard carryin ekwipment though, i was watchen em through the bathroom wendo thats were i was lockedup for safekeepen.

Thanks to my unrelenten questionen of momanddad wen they came hom i can report that old dirty oiltank is gone old furnas is gone old water heeter is gone brand new shiny natural gas furnas is in brand new shiny natural gas water heeter is in yay!

Wen alowed out of confinement i imediately ran to backdoor but it was titely closed and i can't personaly go into basement and chek out their workmanshep. mom says we are now tapped rite into natural gasline (that's wat the blue lines was about marken natural gas pipeline). She ses it is still a fossel fuel and still makes some polushun so isnt perfeck but is cleaner than oil and better for the inviorment. Also we never agen need to worry about big truks deliverin oil and draggen big pipes around our car or runnen out of oil axidentaly on a cold nite wech could hapen if a delivery is late or stuff like that. there are new things we need to be careful abowt but sens we are so close to the beyootiful river we had to get rid of dirtyold oiltank eventually anywa. Now alldone and the air is blowin much more forsfully thru the vents with brand new furnas i tell you wat! we will not get ronnies fat ass off her favorite vent all winter. i think I will go smk her because i am so happy also so that she doesnt get complasent.


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